Bathing the Inner Family

While the energies now begin to flow in, you are invited to listen to the Melodies of the Divine Reality or attune to the meditation for some moments in the stillness of your heart.

You carry within you an Inner Family. Your Inner Family is the mirror of your soul, the basic structure of your soul, of your Inner Parts – of your Male, Female and Infantile Part. All these belong to you and when they are balanced within you, you are balanced and stable within.

And so, please, allow me, Lady Nada, to accompany you to your Inner Family. Great healing is awaiting you, when you meet your Inner Parts face to face, apprehend their needs and give them what they want in this moment. I invite you  now to breathe in deeply 5 times and to arrive in the here and now together with me. Leave the heaviness of your daily routine and of duality behind.................... With every breath you take you more and more connect to your inner self. With every breathe you take you are diving more and more deeply into your centre......................

There is a place in your soul – a place of power at which you now find yourself with a deep breath. …....... You feel comfort and warmth, you encounter the wonderful nature at this place. It is a peaceful place, a holy place, a place of peace in your soul. …...........…..... Here you can regenerate and connect to your inner self completely, recover from your daily routine and absorb the rays of sunlight. Here you feel at home, supported and loved. Look around, sit down and replenish new energy and confidence at this place of the divine reality within you.

(Take some moments for this and close your eyes.)

Now go with me to the place, where your Inner Family lives. A golden path leads away from this place, walk along it and at its end you will find a house on a clearing. The house of your Inner Family. Behold it and go inside together with me. ….............................

There is a door in this house, which leads into the garden. The garden of your Inner Family. In it there is a table with 4 chairs. Sit down and summon your Inner Family. Your Inner Man, your Inner Woman and your Inner Child sit down on these chairs.

Look into the eyes of your Inner Child. You have a golden treasure chest from which you can retrieve all the energies that your Inner Child needs in this moment. Look into the eyes of your Inner Child and now retrieve those energies from the chest that are good and right for it in this very moment.


Additionally I am now sending your Inner Child supporting, redeeming and consoling energies as well as the energies of comfort, awareness and love. But it is very important that you yourself give your Inner Child the imperative attention and love that it needs to receive from you in this moment, for it is your Inner Part and it now wants to tell you something. Ask your Inner Child what it wants so that it can find more expression in your life. 

(Close your eyes and receive your Inner Child's answer, which can be a word, a feeling, a picture, an impulse or an inner knowing. Energies are being transmitted.)

Now give thanks to your Inner Child and promise it, that you will do this if it is possible for you and if you really intend doing it (!). If it is possible for you, hug your Inner Child and give him your love. …....

Now turn to your Inner Woman. Look into her eyes. How is she? What does she want? You can give her, too, energies from your treasure chest, which she needs in this very moment.


Supportively I am sending your Inner Woman energies of beauty, gentleness, devotion, tenderness and grace, but is of particular importance that you, too, give your Inner Woman the attention and love, that she needs in this moment. Ask her, how she can find more expression in your life.

(Receive her answer.)

Give thanks to your Inner woman and promise her to realize her wishes in your life concretely, if it is possible for you and if you really mean it.

Now turn to your Inner Man. He, too, has to carry a lot. He carries your responsibility, your structure, your work. Look into his eyes. How is he? And what does he wish for? …........... You can give him, too, the energies from your treasure chest that are right and good for him in this very moment, in order for him to feel good. ….......................

In addition I am transmitting energies of serenity, structure, joy and letting go of pressure to him to an extent which is good and right for him now.


Breathe deeply and smoothly and behold your Inner Man. How can he find more expression in your life, what does he need in your life, so that he feels really good?

(Receive the answer.)

Implement the leads he gave you in your life and promise him to do it, for thus you generate a bigger power, intention and focus within you for the highest good of your self.

I, Lady Nada, will now conclude by transfering the energies of grace, redemption and comfort to you and your Inner Family and let you bathe in the blessing of the divine reality. Hug yourselves, behold and love yourselves in this moment of the divine reality and let old wounds heal within you, let comfort evolve where there was loneliness before, a feeling of being held and supported, for you are held and supported, escorted and you are never alone.

(Energies are being transmitted.)

We are now going to anchor the energy of being held and supported, of grace and of blessing in your Inner Family.

(Energies are being transmitted.)

May serenity and harmony always prevail in those Inner Parts of you. It is important that you visit your Inner Family from time to time, to perceive their needs and implement those concretely, for thus your life will change to your highest good.

I will say thanks for your attention, your devotion and your love with these words


channeled through Martina Shana Haider, English translation by Regina Saskia Huber

Heilungsbad, Bade in den Energien der Wirklichkeit, der Engel, der geistigen Welt, Kryon, Lady Nada, Engel Michael, Merlin und viele andere erwarten Dich


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